My name is

Connor Hughes

I'm an aspiring Front-End Developer who is looking for an opportunity to design websites/applications for you!

- About Me

I have a background in engineering with a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Kentucky. I have 5+ years of experience in HVAC design for a company that prioritizes high performance, sustainable, and energy efficient designs that meet the specific needs of the wide array of clients we serve.

My interest in front-end development started in 2022 when I was looking for an all-in-one website where I could help train the interns that were working for me but couldn't find exactly what I was looking for. This sparked my interest in web development as I figured designing it myself was the only way to get everything I needed in one place that catered towards younger engineers. This was the start of my journey and after a few months of learning HTML, CSS, and javascript I was able to complete my first project (see below).

I love the ability to use my problem solving skills that I have learned over the past 5 years in my engineering role but in a entirely different application. My main focus right now is to continue developing my skills and knowledge in the development world and use my current skills in HTML, CSS, javascript and React to design state of the art websites and applications.

- My Skills and Courses

With my interest being in front-end development, I wanted to prioritize learning HTML, CSS, and javascript. To start my journey, I first purchased an introductory javascript book and I have been hooked ever since!

Udemy: Modern HTML & CSS From The Beginning

Once I completed the intro to javascript book, I enrolled and completed an online course on Udemy: Modern HTML & CSS From The Beginning (Brad Traversy). Here is what this course focused on:

  • How websites work
  • HTML5 Semantic layout
  • CSS Fundamentals
  • Responsive Design With Media Queries
  • CSS Grid
  • Animation with Keyframes & Transitions
  • CSS Variables
  • Sass Pre-compiler
  • Website Deployment to Shared Hosting with Git
  • CSS Units (rem, em, vh, vw, etc.)

Udemy: Modern JavaScript From The Beginning

After I completed the Modern HTML & CSS course, I enrolled and completed another online course on Udemy: Modern JavaScript From The Beginning. Here is what this course focused on:

  • Basics & Fundamentals
  • DOM Manipulation
  • Object Oriented Programming (OOP)
  • Local Storage
  • JavaScript Patterns
  • Regular Expressions
  • Asynchronous programming
  • Fetch API
  • Promises & Async / Await
  • ES2015+

Udemy: React Front To Back

After I completed the Modern JavaScript From the Beginning course, I enrolled and I am currenlty working through another online course on Udemy: React Front To Back. Here is what this course focuses on:

  • React Fundaments (components, props, hooks, state, etc..)
  • React Router V6
  • Global State with context, reducers, and hooks
  • Deploying React Apps to Vercel and Netlify
  • Firbase 9 authentication
  • Basic Animation with Framer Motion
  • Fullstack MERN
  • Redux
  • REST API Creation
  • Authentication with JWT

- My Projects

House MarketPlace - React

This is the main project in the Udemy course, React Front to Back, that utilizes many React features as well as other frameworks, libraries, and APIs to create a fully functional application where the user can either browse and/or list homes for sale/rent. Some highlights of different features I have learned through this project are as follows: Firebase, Firebase authentication, Google authentication, Firebase databases, Google Geolocation API, and much more. This project has opened my eyes on everything that it takes to build a full-stack application that not only has the functionality that the end-user would want, but also the different UI features that can/should be implemented into every design.

Updated NFL Stat Tracker - React

This is my first React application where I wanted to use the knowledge/skills I gained from the React Course I enrolled in. I wanted to update my previous NFL Stat Tracker app I created with plain HTML, CSS (Sass), and Javasript and make it much more user friendly. This app utilizes many different React features, including - React hooks (useState,createContext & useContext), components, tailwind, daisyui, JSX, and much more!

NFL Stat Tracker

An application that utilizes JavaScript object oriented programming the with async/await pattern to fetch data from an external API which allows the user to manually change the team and the UI will automatically update to display the correct stats.

Recipe Rolodex

An application that utilizes JavaScript object oriented programming to receive user inputs for personal recipes that stores the information in local storage to allow the user to keep all their recipes in one place.

HVAC Design Tools

An all-in-one website for HVAC design enginners that I created, based on what I thought was useful information as an expierenced HVAC design engineer.

Our Travel Timeline

This is a personal project where I plan on documenting my Wife and I's travel history with information about each trip and a gallery of pictures!

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